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Changing my fiverr revenue card


Please when i started my fiverr business i hadn’t a Payoneer card and I had to link up my fiverr account to my brother’s card but later i got mine. Now wish to change his and then link mine. Please really need help!! Thanks


I changed my pioneer card recently so, here`s how-

  1. Open a support ticket on Payoneer to change your card details.
  2. They will ask you for the necessary stuffs needed for verification.
  3. Send them all the asked documents.
  4. It will take nearly 10-15 days for everything.(Thanks to the overloaded Payoneer CS desk :smiling_imp:)
  5. After that they will unlink your payoneer account from fiverr.
  6. Now you can make a new payoneer account using a different email address and connect it to fiverr.(Just click the bank payment option in fiverr revenue page and do by that way)

Note- There is no need to contact Fiverr CS through the whole process… :slight_smile:

Changing details of bank transfer

thanks a lot dear friend


Basically which information they may ask?


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Just reach out to Payoneer to inquire.