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Changing my initial gig title


Hey there,
I wanna change my gig title but I heard that the URL and the title would be different, does that arouse any kind of problems?
Also, does editing my gig from tags to description and pricing affect me negatively?
Please let me know.


Well, you can changes your Gig title no problem. Also, you can changes your description or tags. But if you change frequently then your gigs Impression and rank will be loses. But you can’t changes your Gig url. That’s fixed.


Does it matter if my URL and title are not the same?


There’s no problem if it’s generally the same thing you offer, let’s say from “minimalist logo design” to “elegant logo design”.

There is a problem however, if you change the title to something really different, like your URL has “minimalist logo design” and your title has “proofreading”.


Oh okay, now I understand.
Do you have an idea if adjusting my gigs description and tags will impact me negatively?


If you change them to something better, hopefully it will impact you positively, if you change them to something worse, probably it will impact you negatively. :wink:

No, adjust what you need/want to/want to try out.
Just keep in mind that any changes can affect your gig’s ranking at least temporarily (that means, if your gig has a good position, maybe better have a good reason to edit it; if your gig has a bad position anyway, good time to edit), and also your gig might be out of search temporarily after each edit, so you might not want to make changes too often/“collect” changes you have in mind and do them all at once.
And definitely check if your gig will appear back in search a day or two after making edits. With luck, they are searchable again after hours, but one of mine managed to stay out of search for a whole week once.


Good suggestion. That is so helpful.


That was absolutely beneficial. Thank you so much.


Thank you brother for your valuable tips


You are most welcome.