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Changing my Username [ARCHIVED]


I would really like to be able to change my User Name I started my Fiverr a bit back and would really like to change it.

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yeah same! Would be amazing if fiverr made it a feature.


Reply to @jamesosix: they probably won’t ever allow that, because think of all those fake buyers & sellers who make a bad name for themselves, and if they could change their usernames they would start another round of scamming people right away because of this feature :frowning: I just don’t see it’s advantages…


Reply to @Woofy31: I think you are mistaking it with deleting and adding a new account. A name change should not remove your buyer/seller history. If my name were “ABC” and I had a 50% rating, it would now be changed to “DEF” with the same terrible rating.


i dont see the issue if they do it like ebay did it. All of your previous details come with you, and if people really want to check you out, and what you’ve done your ratings would be the same.

Fiverr knows who did the bad, and could close their accounts as opposed to allowing name changes anyway.


i need this


Me too! I’ve already built up a good reputation and I don’t want to loose that by starting a new account. Fiverr, please help!


This would be great, can we request this somehow? The more people respond maybe Fiverr will take it into consideration.


I would like to change my user name too :slight_smile: it seem to get this currently means to create a new user and delete the existing one! Fiverr please let us able to do this without deleting and adding a new user. Thanks.


I would love this. I don’t like showing my full name, but I have all my reviews on this account…


Any news on this? I would also really like the ability to change username on Fiverr


This needs to be realized A.S.A.P. =:)


I am sorry, but my username needs changed, I really, really dislike it.


I need this very very badly. Did you guys see my username?? It’s “Fartfighter”. I must need to change that. :frowning:


but people with real name did not find work.


wow those are some bad usernames lol some of you guys that are complaining about name changes first of all what did you drink to decide on that? and second most of you have few gig sales or no gigs at all so why don’t you just contact CS ask them to delete your account so you can start fresh:)


@fartfighter That is the best handle I have ever seen on any website.


Reply to @cheezees: you know, I’m not sure about this; I have the feeling that if a bad seller can change his username and change his image too, many buyers could not recognize him and be scammed again: on a site with millions users you can remember some bad apple you met by the name…

Now let’s think about the same thing from seller side: if you have a bad buyer and he contacts you again, you can tell him you are not going to work for him; now if he changes his name (and you know nothing about him 'cause buyers don’t have a visible rating system) he can fool you again and again and again till the end of your days :frowning:


PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE Fiverr! Let us change our usernames!! At least give us the ability to do it just once? Please, please, PLEASE!


no user name changes. This is annoying, then users can change their users and you cant keep up with who is who.

No fiverr, dont do this!

Names are meant to identify each other and our services. So deal with it, dont like your username? guess who’s fault is that you have that name.

Think before you act.