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Changing Net Provider

Hope everyone’s doing well. I’ve got a question.
Due to slow internet connection I want to change my network provider. Soemtime it takes 1/2minutes to open fiverr. I am currently using 2mbps. But ping is usually high specially during night it’s over 200 and sometime reaches 950+. I plan to change my network provider with a better one which has less ping and network issues and probably I will go with 2mbps.

I am not good at technical staff. Will changing my network provider will change my IP address or cause any kind of problem with fiverr?


You’re kidding right?? You’re doing Online Freelancing but you’re not good at technical stuff. I mean you’re a graphic designer?

Buddy, Yes you can change your ISP or Internet service provider. :smile:

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I was :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks mate. Hope you have a great day.