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Changing of location and IP address


I will be traveling to a new area (within the same country) for a few days. Will my account be banned, if I sign in using a different IP address?

Your help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


no it has nothing to do with it , you’re fine … to be 100% safe use a private internet connection , that’s all


Hey, thanks for your reply.
Does the same thing apply when I travel to a different country?


Yes it does. I’m travelling a lot in different countries and continents and never had any problems


No worries …have a safe journey


definitely , I traveled this year in 7 different places but I never log in from hotels by using their wifi connection … I only use my own private connection or if that’s not possible I just buy a sim card with a decent internet option so no one shares the same connection


I will be using a private connection once I am in a different country.
But at the moment, I am using a shared connection and most probably will be using another shared connection while traveling within the country. What happens in that case??


Some one suggested me to leave a message to the fiverr support center before leaving the country just to notify them. Would that be necessary??


I never did that :wink:
Working from different locations is not a problem, problem working with 2 accounts (2 different people) from the same location


most likely nothing will happen … however if multiple people are logging in on Fiverr … from a shared connection it might be a problem because Fiverr might see that as … having multiple accounts,it happened in the past with other users.


really appreciate your feedback. thanks!


alright. thanks a lot for your feedback. :slight_smile: