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Changing Phone Number - Asking for answer.! Need Help Buddies

This is the problem I am facing right now..

Let share how to resolve this issues....


contact with fiverr customer suppor. they can help you in that matter

Thank You Leaderer for your kind information.
By the way, I mentioned a screenshot. It is fresh that they are expecting something but what it is.!

Please don’t just leave people to FCS. It is not kind of a solution FCS just a feature of Fiverr.

thanks for your kind regards. do you try to give your phone number?

Nop, I just trying to change my phone number.

try your country code like (+xxx) something begin in front of your number.

When you signed up to Fiverr, you probably answered a security question that would help Fiverr verify your identity should they need to. If you answer that security question in the box, then you’ll be given the option to change your phone number.

The process is very easy. I’ve done it twice. If you’ve forgotten the answer to your security question, however, then it’ll be difficult to change your number manually. You might have to contact CS.

I have done setting up security question earlier when I was create the account. I can’t remember which question I was selected. However If they show the question then I can catch it up easily why they are not showing the question previously I have setted.!!

Yeah, that is pretty weird. On other accounts I have, they always provide what the question was! Do you have access to your account at all? Do you have access to your account profile/personal settings? Perhaps you will find out what your question was there?


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Yep, you can find out your security question by going to the home page and selecting Settings then Security.

You are the lady like your name.
Issue Resolved.
Thank you.
:+1: :white_check_mark:

That is great! I am glad I could help out!


By the way, I didn’t understand the meaning of GG

Short for Genuine Guidance. Too lazy to keep typing the whole thing out.


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You are so smart. Nice to have an sort conversation.

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