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Changing picture of rated gig

Hi this is Zawar!
hope you all are fine last day i received my first order and completed it on time the buyer rated my gig with 5 stars i made a flat design for him and asked permission for making his design as my gig cover photo actually i want to delete the current picture (not the whole gig) and want his picture to be a cover photo for my gig will it affect or delete that 5 stars rating and review?
any help would be appreciated


As long as you have permission, I don’t foresee any problem with the rating or review. As for any effect to your gig, all gigs go through an evaluation process whenever they’re edited. During this time, they’re temporarily removed from the search. If you can, wait until you have 3 or four edits you want to make, and make them all at once. If you find there is a negative effect after 2-3 weeks, then consider editing again if you have gathered enough new edits to make it worth the downtime.

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thank you so much for your valuable suggestion again, i will take a deep look and will do all the changes at once.