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Changing prices with levels

I have not really changed my prices much as I leveled up… But I feel like I am going to fall behind on orders because I keep doing more than I should for the base price… The main problem I am having is I do not know what to quit doing for $5, how to decide what is worth more, and do I let me buyers that have been so faithful to me so far stay at the original price while making the price higher for new customers?

I guess what I really need to know, is how did you guys increase your prices? Do you have any suggestions, when looking at my gig’s, what I should be charging more for? I suppose I am partially afraid of having less orders when bumping up the prices…

Any stories on how this went for you, or suggestions that anyone can make would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all so much in advanced for the help! The forum has been a great resource for me as a first time freelancer who want’s to turn this into a career!

Have you looked at competitors’ gigs? How much do they charge?

I inform my returning customers that the price of my gig has increased, and if they’re happy with the new prices, fine, if they aren’t I let them buy my gigs at the older price.

I increased my prices when I decided I could not possibly continue to work at such a low price - and when I saw people (competing gigs) offering a significantly lower quality than mine, and still charging much higher (double or more) and getting orders consistently as well as great feedback - I realized I could be charging much much more. My prices are still low as compared to many others (lots more margin for me) but I want to get to at least a 50 or more positive reviews, and more frequent orders, before I increase my prices again.

So that’s how you decide- if you’re happy working at the price you’re charging, good, if not, you can increase your prices bit by bit, gig by gig - you have to keep in mind though, that you might experience the slightest of dip in your sales for a while before business picks up again.