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Changing prices


As a new fiverr user, I’ve been extremely frustrated with prices not being what is advertised. After trying about 10 gigs, only 4 of them was what I expected. The other 6 asked for more money even though the prices were clearly marked and what I was asking for was what was advertised. Kind of leaves a bad taste. Nothing makes me run away from you faster than changing prices. You need to clearly state what the prices are and what they are for and what the gig is actually selling.


I understand you, in my case I’m a seller in translator services and I offer a custom order very cheap to get my first order but after do the job the customer wanted to keep the price cheap or will not give more job. :frowning: I had to accept.


It depends on your request.


Almost everything here starts at $5. Depending on what you need, it can cost more. Some sellers have extras and some have packages in place.

I suppose there is a limit to what some sellers will do for $5.


It’s not unusual to offer more when someone places an order. I am always careful to word any extras I offer after someone places an order as gently as possible.
Often for only $5 more the buyer can get much more and be much happier.
Of course I don’t know what the buyers you contacted were offering.


I would like to leave a tip - how do I do this?


It’s a best thing to reward your seller for their awesome service.

To give a Tip:

  • Go to the related order page
  • Then at the bottom of the page and you’ll see something like “Leave a tip”
  • Select the amount you want to give to your seller

Note: It’ll be enable after you get your delivery. Also don’t forget to leave a honest feedback to sellers which will help others to pick up best Gig services.


You should probably contact the seller first in any case. That way, you get an upfront price. Prices on Fiverr start from $5 with $5 being the very very BASIC gig. Usually, when a seller charges more there is more content to work on.

If you really want something cheap, I suggest you try the ‘New Arrival’ gigs, they are much more cheaper and more reasonable and it would really help them!


very sad :frowning:


I like this advice. I always contact a seller first to make sure that they can deliver exactly what I want.


Of course I will change prices. If you asked for one thing in a gig, and then increase a workload, or provide something that wasn’t agreed in initial conversation.


For spokesperson and voice over work, the longer you record, the greater the chance of making a mistake or having an interruption, even a stomach growl or the furnace kicking on can demand a retake. That’s why we often charge an additional fee for long scripts. To the naive Buyer, this may seem like an unfair price increase. However, in the “real world” talent such as ours is paid by the hour. Here, we are paid by the job, and that’s where the Buyer still saves a BUTT LOAD of money despite these fees.


We don’t know what you bought and what you expected. So how can we advice you?

You’re supposed to read EVERYTHING before ordering a gig. If it’s a gig with packages, don’t order gig extras that are already included in the package. If it’s a regular gig with extras, make sure you order the right extra. Some gigs only offer you a free guide or something else for $5, and then you have to pay more for the other stuff.

Whatever you do, don’t bother the seller with questions unless he or she demands it.


I agree completely. Fiverr pretty much is one of the best, cheapest, options out there and people still want gigs done cheaper. Hiring an actor/voice actor costs so much more when going directly through a company.


I agree if there are requirements what is not included in the gig description I will ask for a customized offer. If I order exactly what is in the gig description and I got another price I will not accept it. IMHO there is absolutely nothing wrong to be honest and name the real price! Just today happen: offering for $10 and ask for $100! This is just a rip off if there is nothing more required as offered for $10! And yes this malpractice is widely spread in here. I have never had a problem to mark my real price instead of fishing by those dirty sale tricks. On the other hand I have no problem to give a tip either as I believe that good work need to be appreciated as well!


@raitpngman - what did you order/ what did the gig description + price say?