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Changing review


Hi how many time i can apply for change my review??


Once per order.

However, you should use this feature sparingly.


You sure i can change 1 time for per order??
Fiverr described it that if anyone want to change for amny times.Then they will banned account


You are able to use the feature once per order. But, as I said in my last message, you should use the feature sparingly (or not often - due to the exact reason you mentioned).



Do you mean change it when you are the buyer?

I’m not sure you can unless the seller asks you to.


@misscrystal no as a seller.
I want to apply for modification my review to the buyer.


Yes you can ask him to change it only one time. If he does not respond, or refuses, you cannot ask again.
You of course can politely tell him why you think he should change it.

Oh you reviewed the buyer? and want to change that?

I don’t think you can.


@djgodknowa fiverr told about bann.
So when my account will be ban?
its about changing review


They did not say how many times you can ask buyers to change reviews before they ban your account.

Just don’t do it too much.


Why will you be banned??
Did you ask to change MORE than ONCE?


He is asking how many times he can use that feature before his account will be banned, at least I think he is.


@misscrystal hopefully i can manage my buyer.
But fiverr described that if i ask for many times for changing review.
Fiverr will banned account.I’m confused with this


You can ask the buyer one time only.

If you ask other buyers one time only you can have your account banned.

So if you get 10 bad reviews and ask all 10 to change them in one month then your account will be banned.


@misscrystal oh ok thank you so much


If you saw my link above.
You can only request for CHANGE OF REVIEW only ONCE by that method.
If MORE THAN ONCE, you will have to contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

I think it was a warning to you that if you do this VERY OFTEN, that is ASK TO MODIFY REVIEW many times, THEN you CAN be banned.


@djgodknows oh thank you man for your help.


Not a problem. :slight_smile:


You from bd.
That’s great


Yes I am…