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Changing Skill?

Hi, I am a new seller in Fiverr.
When you sign up, they will ask you for your skills or hobbies.
But I accidentally press save and I need to add more skills.
Is there any way that I can add new skills?


I never had fiverr ask for my skills or hobbies when I signed up. I just made some gigs.

This post makes me wonder what Fiverr: the RPG video game would be like.

I wish it existed.

Hurrah! Let me help you with the storyboards, insane enemies and secondary quests!

insane enemies, don’t you love those…

Indeed, an old nemesis just popped up from Xmas. I wrote some copy about her weird new horoscope system that she had named after herself. I posted about it at the time, I think, as she prodded the mod button to make the delivery indefinite until she could ascertain that whatever I wrote would “mek sells”.

Anyway, I invoke CS and redelivered, she left without a review, and now she’s back because she wants my press release rewritten.

I pointed out that I had never written a press release, and resent the copy. She loled and said “oh yes, that’s right! Well I want you to mod it right now”.

Nutter. I ignored her last reply, maybe she’ll go away. You’d have to see her website to believe it. It’s very internet psychic 1996 with a glittering star background and fabulous monomaniac delusion re: her true horoscopic system.

Actually, PM me if you want to see the site. It’s… unique.

I think I have this person too-- I annoyed her by refusing to accept gigs from her.

After trying to submit an email request for help, I found this link. You can change/ update skills here:


@ahoover726 I went to the link you provided above, but the “Add New” button does not display for the skills section like it does for the others (languages, education, etc.). Any ideas?

Hmm… I’m not sure why you’re not seeing it? When I click the link and sign in, it takes me to this page of my profile where you can see the “add new” button. Are you trying to do it from your phone or computer? If you are on your phone, maybe try it on your computer or switch your phone view from mobile to desktop view for the page?

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