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Changing The Country Of Residence

Well, I just joined Fiverr and it seems that I cannot change the country I am from. So, I was wondering if there is a way through which I can change it as I am from The Netherlands, but meanwhile staying in Egypt for a period of time.


Fiverr lists the country that you are in right now. If that is Egypt, then it will have to stay listed as Egypt on your Fiverr profile/gigs. If you move back to the Netherlands, as far as I am aware, your profile should switch to the Netherlands.

Think of it this way: You are working from Egypt. Fiverr lists where you work.


I always thought they listed the country you registered from… well, what you’re saying does make sense.

However, isn’t that allowing sellers to hide their country through proxies, making the profile country irrelevant? You know how others have asked on the forum how to change their country because they thought it was putting off clients, when in fact the clients were put off by other more obvious things…

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No! It doesn’t happened with me… I am not at my home country. But still it’s showing India. Maybe it shows from where you most logged in into your account.