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Changing the main menu after the user register to form


I want to create an entry form replacing the main WordPress menu in my site

Or create the following registry database user can see the full menu

How to do this?



Hi and welcome.

Since this is not a TIP FOR SELLERS you should move it to the CHIT CHAT section of the forum.

I suggest changing the title of your post to 'Need WordPress Help" or similar so that folks can better understand what the post is about, and only people with WordPress experience need open the post.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

First thanks for your reply, I am new to the site, I will change it accordingly.

Where is the poster can consult with others?



Next to your name above ^ there is an “Edit” link. Open it and change the Headline of your post and also use the drop down to change the category your post goes in.

You have a better chance of engaging a discussion by using very specific headlines and choosing the best category.