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Changing the place of Freelancing


I would like to ask for suggestions to those who have been into this scenario.

I ave been on Fiverr for a while now and never been out the country in this time. Now I will be out of the country for around a month and will be taking my laptop with me for work and will not be putting in Vacation on Fiverr as last time I did so was in October last year and was dropped from 150 sales to 10 sales a month. My Question is :-

  1. Do I need to let the Customer support know I will be out of the country for that time?
  2. Will the flag on profile change from India to the Country I will be Visiting?
  3. Can I use the internet available at the airport, without having an effect on my account?
  4. IS there anything I will be missing out on?

P.s I do have the work rights for the Country I will be visiting.


No you don’t.

If you verified your ID then it wouldn’t change.

Yes you can.