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Changing the Price of an Order?


I will start off with saying I know how to add gig extras and increase the price of an order, but in this case I need to decrease the price.

I have a returning customer who originally purchased 20 product descriptions from me as a sort-of sample before ordering his remaining 80. We agreed on a price of $300 for all 100 descriptions, and split it up between the first order and the second. However, when we got to doing the second batch of descriptions, the buyer and I found quite a few duplicate products, so now we only have 60 total for the second order.

So, is there a way to lower the price of an order without having to cancel it? Or I am I just out of luck?

Thank you in advance,

I’m afraid you’ll have to cancel and ask the buyer to place another order.

You can offer gig extras or maybe the buyer will accept the price difference as a tip for your work :wink:

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I wish it could just be a tip. :laughing:

It was the buyer that asked to change the price, though, so I don’t think that suggestion will work.

I kind of figured I would need to cancel, but was still hoping there might be an option that I just wasn’t seeing - thanks for the confirmation!

Is seems like you’ve got a good relationship with the buyer. Don’t try to spoil it and just accept to cancel the order :relieved:

The buyer might turn into a loyal client of yours, even without the tip :smirk:

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Things have taken a bit of a twist and now the buyer doesn’t seem like they are going to cancel the order. Yesterday he wanted to know if the money would go on his card, so I sent him a link to the buyer FAQs on cancelling orders.

I also made the new order at the reduced price so he could cancel, accept the new order and then request the difference be refunded to his card. I attached messages with CS, because I figured I might as well ask if they could lower the price (they couldn’t). I also explained the process to him. Cancel - accept new order using his balance - contact CS for remaining balance to go to his card.

Then he asked for my phone number. I told him that’s against the TOS and I could not share that info. Now he’s stopped answering.

What I am worried about is that we used the collaboration tool for him to review 20 products at a time, because we both agreed it would be easier to look them over and request corrections in batches, then deliver them all together.

Are these watermarked? Can he just download the files and use them now?

Edited to add the following:
Should I cancel the request for mutual cancellation and deliver all the descriptions he gave me information for and just include the duplicates, since that’s the information I received? I don’t care that much about a bad review, I would much rather be paid for all the work.

There is an alternative if this is a regular buyer. You can make a note to give them money off their next order. that way you get paid for this order … and they get a chunk off their next order.

Just a thought.

Thanks, I never thought of giving him that option!