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Changing the review

the buyer has mistakenly put wrong review and now he has reached out to me and he want to change it. can anyone tell me how to deal with that problem?


Reviews cannot be changed.


but it was totally his mistake cause i have provided him with best material possible and i have his screenshot in which he is saying that he has provided it mistakenly and he want to change it

Reviews cannot be changed. Once a review has been posted, that review remains as it was posted. Fiverr does not support tampering with, changing, or influencing reviews in any way.


Did you already reply to him after his message about the review?

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he reached out to me first and then i replied him it was my first order and review is less than 90 percent and even i am unable to see buyer requests now

Then you wouldn’t be able to change it.
You even might get a warning for complaining to your buyer that the review is low.


You should never ever mention the word review or rate or ratings in the chat, order page or any where This may result as a warning

Buyer review can’t be changed man…
I will suggest you to be patient I hope you order will be there soon:)

Follow the advice I got from CS.


Back then it can be changed. But not anymore!!

oh bro, Very bad luck for you.
Review not changeable

Reviews cannot be changed.

Cool down and accept it man. Reviews Can not be changed for sure :grinning:

Extremely helped :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

If this ever happens again, tell the buyer not to worry about it. Do not mention reviews to your buyer in any capacity. It’s a quick way to get a flag and possibly a warning.

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