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Changing the way on receiving orders

So. I have encountered around a total of 7 times where I had to cancel and it wasn’t my fault. This suggestion will not only improve that but give the ability to sellers on what they want. Let me explain.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Buyer pays
  • Buyer submits requirements but order DOES NOT BEGIN
  • Instead the order goes to a new tab, I’d like to call it “order requests”. The seller would choose if he’d like to take the order or not. ( Like this, any problems where the seller can’t do the job can be avoided, or if the customer ordered the wrong gig)
  • If seller accepts order, the countdown begins
    -If seller declines order, the money goes back to the customer.

I think this would avoid a lot of problems. What do you think? Would love to hear your replies!


While I would love for this to be a thing, it goes against the very foundations of the Fiverr platform. Literally. Fiverr started as a buy-now.

To change this is to change the very premise of Fiverr.

That’s not to say it couldn’t change, but it’s ridiculously improbable.

It’s better, for the time being, for you as a seller to be proactive and take preventive measures to minimize the frequency of unnecessary cancellations.


Whilst I do think its unlikely , I’m tired of having to go to customer support every single time and having extra unneeded stress. Fiverr did start a buy-now platform but freelancing is all about communication and a buy-now platform prohibits communication beforehand. ( In some cases not when the buyer reaches out)


I just made a comment/idea about this yesterday: What's the best format for asking a buyer for information

Like I said, find a way to be proactive.


Mhm. Good idea. Although when people order they agree to these terms already. But yeah definetly a good idea.

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I would’ve also add that seller will have let’s say 24 hours to accept or decline that order, otherwise order will automatically start after 24 hours


I agree with the OP request and have thought that many many times.

The current system may be legacy but things outgrow legacy all the time. We haven’t used horses as transport for so long that Hitching Posts are no longer a thing that anyone could reasonably expect.

Right now the Seller is at a massive disadvantage, esp with more complex projects. With a “For $5 I will send you a plastic spoon” kind of job one would assume that said plastic spoon was in-stock.

Scoring for a film or Mixing a song is far less simple and even assuming everything is sent over properly (which sadly is 95% never), it may just not be a good fit and you are forced to do a job that you know you can’t excel at or lose - cancellation causes a loss even if it is the right thing to do for everyone concerned. A lose-lose situation is the complete opposite of the essence of Capitalism.



In general people don’t read and I am feeling Fiverr is not that pro-active in protecting sellers for “unintelligent” buyers who want to harm your score, or just don’t know what they want. My score fluctuated up and down because of this, although in general everything is 5-stars reviewed, so I personally think there should be an extra step before ordering for the buyer.

A tickbox which says: Are you sure you want to buy this Gig? And then move on. It’s ridiculous that people/fellow designers/gigholders like you need to bleed for mistakes made by others.

A matter of good UX/UI Design in the order flow.


I loved your idea but Fiverr may face some problem with payment processor to implement this system (the money goes back to the customer - this part).

So far I know if a buyer’s order is cancelled than buyer receive the money as Fiverr credit/balance which he needs to use by purchasing gigs.

Some buyers who are in hurry may get frustrated if their order is cancelled.

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Mhm interesting. Fiverr would probably think of a fix. And anyways, people cancel there orders all the time so they will probably go to another seller. But yeah this may get annoying.

I agree. But first time buyers may get too annoyed over cancellation that they may not return to Fiverr forever.

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Maybe if that was an opt-in. Sellers could set it on a per-gig basis, like we already do for:

Let the buyer place order without confirmation ( _:green_circle:)
Set time for verifying order at [12] hours

Edit: This would also let Buyers cancel anytime within the set window in case of double-orders and/or accidental orders (only works on ‘confirmation-needed’ gigs).


This is very interesting topic to read and think about and finally to get implemented. Moreover the recommendations by other members are also quite reasonable and practicable. No matter which recommendation is implemented or considered, it is for sure that the sellers must be protected from unwanted orders which affect their response rate. Also that the CS response time is way too slow to handle every order which has been placed by mistake

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what else can happen is some seller will loose sales because when they r sleeping thy get orders and buyer will get impatient and since his order dint strt will move to next seller whos online

This comes up in the forums pretty often. While I would love the ability to reject some orders, I don’t see how it would work in practice. Luckily, when I reached a certain price point buyers started messaging me before placing an order which helps to filter out potential problem clients. I’ve also found a conversation before the order to help avoid revisions during the order process.


I have that in my requirements for a gig, too. It’s remarkable how many people will just put a placeholder there and complete the order anyway. And unfortunate that we’re penalized for it.

But since I raised my price for that gig it happens much less often. People are more careful and thoughtful when more money is on the line.


Awesome post! It should be attended to.

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Oh I need this feature! What a great idea! You have such a fitting username with all these ideas :slight_smile:


It would be nice to add protection against scammers, with no refunds after the order is closed. :wink:

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