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Changing your paypal on fiverr

Hello all just an FYI on this.

Many people have been asking how to do this so here you go.

If your account was “hacked” you may not be able to do this. but if you want to change your current paypal info here’s how to do it safely.

1, Go to settings

2. click account settings

3. Change your Paypal.

4. Answer your security question

5. Read notice and go to email

6. follow link to change it (note if someone else tries to change it you will see this email and want to click the link that says you didn’t request this)

7. Change to new Paypal.

8. Read confirmation email on change

REMEMBER: it will be 24 hours until you can withdraw from fiverr after this is done.


If you haven’t added a security question, I highly recommend it.

For those still asking in the forums about paypal.