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Charachter Count



I noticed Fiverr increased the character count in messages to 2,500!!!



They also changed the REJECTED thing into “IN REVISION”. It’s still a cringe-inducing red though.


I saw that. It is a nicer way to say, “Try Again.”


More like “hello, I’m an idiot!”

All my revisions this week boil down to “I would like more work but I don’t want to pay for it”. How I’ve managed to dodge bad reviews out of that mess is anyone’s guess…


Brace yourself; Bad buyer week has begun.

I got multiple text book cases of bad buyer messages this week. I would have written some of them here, but need to take my blood pressure pills first.

Leaving you with only partial entertainment.

Buyer : “I ordered X, you have delivered X, thanks! I guess I need a refund”

Me to self : Okay, that sounds reasonable, just like pure vegetarian chicken roast.