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Character creation and creation writing

I will write a backstory for your character. Every 250 words is roughly half a page, single spaced. For the Standard and Premium package, you will get an even more in depth backstory.

Sometimes one needs a creative push before being able to take a mighty leap. I will be that push that helps send you off on your adventure. While it may feel easy to come up with a cool concept for a character, a backstory is necessary to truly make them come alive. Anyone can pick up a sword and start swinging it around, but that doesn’t make them a fighter; however, I can turn that sword and your character into the weapon they were meant to be.

Let me give your character a reason for who they are and I will give you creative freedom by turning your ideas into fleshed out stories. Don’t be just a fighter, be a tired warrior forced back to battle the king that used to rule him. Or, become a mage who will do anything to gain power, except for that one aspect of humanity that is holding them back. That one thing, that is for us to decide.

However, if you wish to put faith in my hands, I will handle the entire creative process for you.


As someone playing a rehabilitated tabaxi fashion model who became a fighter to fight off her dealers after getting clean, I love this.


Now that is a unique back story! I love it.

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