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Charge for services

I need help from the more experienced graphic designers, how much do you charge for services?! As far as logo design or designing stuff for businesses. I’m starting to get more request for logos but I don’t know what a proper price to charge is.
Thank you.

Congrats on getting more requests! The best way to know how much to charge is to do market research. The simplest way to do that, rather than waiting for responses on this message board, would be to look at some gigs right here on Fiverr and see what others are charging for similar services. If you want to grow your business, price yourself slightly below what the most popular level 1 or level 2 sellers are doing, which might drive customers to take a chance on you. Once you reach higher levels, you can start charging “fair market value” based on the sellers in your tier, or you can stay where you are using pricing to your advantage.

Great question. Hope the research goes well!

Do you meant Buyer Request page requests or requests through message?

Easiest price calculation that always works is:
Minutes or hours it will take to complete the work times your minute or hourly rate that you need to earn in order to make a living + expenses + 20% = the minimum gig price you need to charge in order to stay in business.