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Charge rules? Not getting full amount


I did 1 assignment for $20… but received $16. Why? Can anyone tell me what is criteria or procedure of earning from fiverr?


Fiverr takes 20% as commission of every order (and tips) for working on the site.
20% of $20 is $4, leaving you with $16.


Fiverr takes 20% + Paypal 2%


Paypal to a maximum of $1,00


Anything Paypal takes is after withdrawal, whether paypal, fiverr revenue card, direct deposit or other. @merryrobert1472 never mentioned they were using Paypal. The simple math is the $4 difference between her $20 fee and the $16 available or pending is Fiverr’s 20% commission. It has nothing to do with paypal.


Thank you all for answering my query.