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Chargeback after a month

I’m just wondering and I had to ask this:

HOW CHEAP does a person have to be, to file a dispute for something that he/she paid $5 for A MONTH AGO?

I mean, you’re obviously not going to buy a $5 broom from home depot and go back a month later & say “You know what, I don’t like this broom after all… I want my money back” are you?

I know fiverr can’t fight chargebacks and what not, even tho it sounds like a lame excuse… something has to be done about this problem!

This is my third chargeback in the last month, it’s ridiculous.

I wonder how this system works after someone leaves fiverr, their funds have cleared, have been withdrawn and they’re done with fiverr, someone decides to file a dispute months after the order has been completed, so the - will just grow?

Good luck with that fiverr, I’m done here!

The order is supposed to be marked completed by Fiverr 3-days after your delivery, so I’m surprised that happened to you. Buyers need to be more responsible, I once had a guy asked for a cancellation 10-days after I delivered. What happened? Was he stranded on a desert island with no Internet access? How hard is it to check your e-mail everyday so you know your Fiverr order has been delivered. Or to go on Fiverr, click on orders, and see your stuff?

Either way, don’t be too disappointed, we all get bad buyers. The reason we stay here is because the potential to make crazy money on Fiverr is there.