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Chargeback initiated after order marked complete, funds cleared and withdrawn! (unreal)

So as of last night (early this morning), I logged in to see my Fiverr earnings sitting at -$16.00. I thought it was a glitch of some kind, but then I checked my messages to see a buyer I dealt with back on 8/7, had cancelled his order. The problem is, Fiverr had marked this order as complete, days ago. The $16 had cleared into my account on the 22nd and I had already withdrew them and funds from another order which had also cleared, that same day. So I contacted Fiverr CS about this and included the necessary screenshot evidence proving my delivery, and they explained that the buyer had initiated a chargeback. I also noticed the buyer’s account no longer existed on Fiverr. Gone like Houdini.

So this issue was straightened out by CS because I have more funds set to clear next week, and the last thing I want is this guy getting any money from me when I delivered his order in full weeks ago. However, it has greatly affected my order completion percentage. Knocking it from 91% to 84%. CS said there’s nothing they can do about that. I also noticed my twitter shoutout gig which was on page one of the search results for ‘social media influencer,’ is now gone from that spot and seeing a sharp decline in views, impressions, etc. So it looks like the cancellation has affected my ranking. At any rate, this is my first chargeback issue in my brands 9 year existence here on Fiverr. But seriously? I don’t know how a buyer could even be allowed to cancel an order marked as complete and whose funds had passed the 14 day moratorium. I thought Fiverr didn’t allow buyers to cancel an order unless it was still within the 3 day period?

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Buyers can’t cancel through Fiverr after that long. It sounds like the buyer filed a chargeback with PayPal, which is unfortunate. You can ask Support if they would consider reimbursing you if you made the delivery in full and there were no problems.

They sometimes do reimburse sellers for larger orders if the buyer files a chargeback and they usually ban the buyer since it is against ToS for cancel that way. This sounds like a smaller order so i don’t know if they will reimburse you, but if not it’s just a matter of getting more orders delivered to bring your completion rate up and earn more funds to replace what you lost. It is one of the tricky sides of working as a self-employed freelancer.

That’s the thing though. As I mentioned in the post? I GOT THE MONEY. The $16 order funds cleared on the 22nd. Along with funds from another order I had completed around the 6th or 7th. So I didn’t lose any money. I just wanted to make sure that my UPCOMING payments, were not affected by this. I have money set to clear next week, and I didn’t want this guy getting a dime of it. But I am quite annoyed that it gave such a bad hit to my OC rating.

If the order was really canceled or a chargeback, just because funds cleared doesn’t mean you can’t go into the negative. In fact, you said:

That is why I thought you might not have been reimbursed.

If your balance went back into the positive because other funds cleared, you are good either way. Even with a cancellation, the buyer can’t take more money in the future since the buyer has been banned.

Yep, that is an annoyance for sure. No one here likes that sellers get “dinged” for cancellations that are not their fault. It’s part of the deal on Fiverr for now, though. Sorry. As I mentioned, though, I don’t see how the buyer could cause trouble for any of your upcoming payments if the $16 was already dealt with. Unless the buyer had placed other orders too and those could still be canceled in the future, there should be no additional issues. Good luck.

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If only there was a way to make our work self destruct when this happen. Life would be great.

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