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Chargebacks - Can Someone Explain This to Me?

I have had a chargeback. - I think. Fiverr has simply notified me that the seller has canceled their order and the bottom of the 3-month old order page now looks like this:

There is no mention anywhere of a chargeback. in this case, the first question I would like answering is why?

I believe this is a chargeback as the buyer profile is no longer active. However, telling me that after 3-months, a buyer just came along and had their funds returned to their Fiverr balance tells me otherwise.

Secondly, this buyer had purchased several gigs on Fiverr from different sellers. I know because they asked me to cancel their delivered order and made mention of the fact. Also, googling their username shows several reviews left for other sellers. In this case, I believe that CS should have an easy job disputing any chargeback.

  • Fiverr can easily prove that my work was delivered to the buyer
  • Because of the above, the buyer would have to file disputes with PayPal concerning all their orders on Fiverr. (Wouldn’t they?)
  • In the above case, it would be easy for Fiverr to demonstrate that all orders were delivered and that because orders were placed over a long period of time, it is highly unlikely that the card used to pay on Fiverr was legitimately lost or stolen

I have notified Fiverr that if this is a chargeback, I would like this matter disputing. In this case, if anyone can explain what ‘magic words’ they have used to have chargebacks disputed in the past, this would be greatly appreciated.


Also, could someone explain why the same cancellation appears twice in my earnings page?


No ideas to help I’m afraid, but I wish you all the best with it and didn’t want to leave you hanging. :frowning_face:



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This is why I do not accept orders over $50 - $80 on Fiverr. It is simply not worth my while. A chargeback like this swipes your earned funds away, knocks you down in the stats and if this was 24-hours ago, could have cost me my level.

This is why we need a Fiverr me too or freelance lives matter campaign.


I don’t know if the Fiverr CS fights for a Chargeback or simply let those buyers go. This really harms a seller’s profile and ratings.

Some strict rules should be made in favor of the sellers as well if they have successfully delivered their services for what they were asked for.

It is so simple to provide the work proofs to PayPal if any Chargeback takes place and I think its not a seller’s problem if the card used was stolen or lost.

If a seller has done his/her job as described, he should get paid for it.


:cry: :broken_heart:



There was a charge-back a seller had had not so long ago. Apparently, it was a HUGE order worth a lot of spent time and resources. And, Fiverr filed a petition on behalf of this seller. In the end, they were apparently able to refund the money back to the seller. Have a look-

Hopefully the OP is able to get a similar outcome as well. :crossed_fingers:


Don’t cry for me Venezuela. :slight_smile:

No body died and I’m savage when it comes to getting revenge.


Today many ridiculous buyers come and damage the lives of sellers. Bad buyers learn the weaknesses of the Fiverr system and then use it. :sob:


A charge-back months after finishing a job is horrible, and sounds like fraud to me. I hope you get your money back, cyaxrex.

I just submitted a custom order to someone… are they going to hesitate because of this risk? I am trying to build a good working relationship with them, but what does that mean if I can just steal the money all back?


dirty buyer :face_vomiting:

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These chargebacks/cancellations are the main reason Fiverr marketplace can’t be fully trusted and forces us sellers to seek alternative income sources.


Imagine buying a shirt and then going back to the shop months later to get the money you spent… And then you also get to keep the shirt.



Good you pointed out this!

What happens when chargebacks are done over Amazon or eBay? Do buyers get to keep their goods or have to return them after being refunded?

I recently attempted a chargeback (for a very legitimate reason) with Envato Studios. I didn’t get my money back. As far as Envato is concerned, I paid for a product, I clicked the download button, end of.

Makes you wonder what is so different here.

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Just try to do it with elengace ! You should never lose glamour :wink:



or buying pizza and then going back to the store months later to get the money you spent just because the shape of the pizza is not like a cute rabbit. :rabbit2: :rabbit:

Well, it still remains to be seen whether this was a chargeback or whether Fiverr refunded the customer. Until then, it is still up in the air so to speak.

What would be ideal is if sellers could be given the option by Fiverr to challenge payment disputes on a personal basis, not to mention give full clarification concerning why Fiverr itself chooses to refund buyers without consulting sellers first.


They need to tighten the reigns a bit; bot fiverr and PayPal. PayPal needs to shorten the timeframe for which someone can request a chargeback and look into the matter of why they want to do such thing. Fiverr needs a ‘gate’ if you will that will prevent chargebacks and monies from being removed from sellers account without both parties being present and them trying to figure out why the client want their funds back through that method; especially after x-amount of time.