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Chargebacks should not count in our cancellation rate


Chargebacks should not count in our cancellation rate. They are usually fraudulent. If a buyer is unhappy with what he got from a seller he can tell the seller and ask for a refund if there is a legitimate problem.

There was a chargeback on my account of $75 yesterday. I checked and this buyer had tried to buy a large quantity of expensive gigs at one time, and I told him to only get one when he told me he was going to do this.

It seems obvious this was planned from the beginning by him.


I agree, I still don’t understand how they get the refund, I mean, there should be an investigation first.


I understand how they get one, it’s the way credit cards work when anyone orders anything on the internet. It has to be this way or people would be afraid to use credit cards online.

What I don’t think is fair is how it affects our cancellation rate.


So, I can order anything online and then call my bank and ask then to cancel the order so I can get the refund?


Yes I think you can. It is not abused as much as you would think. There is a built in ratio for any business that takes credit cards online such as 3% of sales are EXPECTED to be chargebacks. This is considered an acceptable amount.

If any business gets an amount over this ratio, the credit card company will stop them from being able to accept credit cards.


Have done some big orders in recent months for new clients. Let’s hope everything goes well.