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Charged someone 5 Euros, got paid 4 dollars

My profile is listed as being in Italy since that’s where I created my account and live for part of the year. A friend wanted to use my service, so I offered it to them at $5. Once I sent it, it went from $5 to €5. Then the €1 service charge on top of that. My friend reached out to me saying that it was costing them $7.13 because of the exchange rate. When I finished the gig and sent the project back to them, I was sent $4.
My question is, even if Fiverr takes 20%, where’s the rest of the money?

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Fiverr charges a $2 payment processing fee. That makes a $5 purchase cost a buyer $7. The 13 cents is the result of a someone cashing in by setting their own exchange rate. That could be your bank, PayPal, or CC company.

Okay, cool, I appreciate you responding!