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Charging $5 is a waste of time... Really?


“Charging five dollars is a waste of time”

To put it nicely - that’s what I was told when I first started selling my gigs on Fiverr, but now they are not saying that anymore.

Because now I have made over $600 on Fiverr and the sales are still coming in.

The one who told me that “Charging five dollars is a waste of time” is an experienced graphic designer. When I heard that to be honest it kind of made think hummmm, maybe its true, but I stuck to it and in the long run five dollars added up to $600 and counting.

So just a word of encouragement for those of you who may be new to selling on Fiverr, keep up the good work it all pays off.



when I changed my rates from $5 to $10 than no one gave me order?/