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Charging for Additional Voice Style

Just wanted to get some insight/suggestions on a particular issue. I have a client who wants me to read the same script twice in two different voice styles but only paid for the single Gig. I personally was going to, and probably will, ask for them to purchase a separate Gig for the second voice style. Am I wrong for wanting to get paid for twice the work?


bro you’re right… :slightly_smiling_face:

We always ask clients to pay for the volume of words that they expect us to read/record, which is not always the same as the number of words in their script, as is the case here.

If the client has a 50 word script, but purchased up to 100 words, we’d be happy to read it twice. But that’s usually not the case - it’s not unusual for us to have clients submit a 300 word script, pay for 300 words, then in the requirements say something like “Please give us 3 takes of this, so we can pick the best one.”

That’s no longer a 300 word read - it’s a 900 word read, and we politely make them aware of this. It’s like going for lunch and asking for 3 sandwiches so you can eat all of them, and then decide which one you liked best, whilst only paying for one. It wouldn’t fly in any other industry.

Rather than ask them to order again, we send them a custom offer for the missing 600 words, and explain that if they don’t wish to pay, we can just deliver what they originally paid for.


I appreciate your insight in helping me make a decision. I am going to forego the additional charge to them because they paid for a 300 word script yet their script was only 148 words and reading it twice would still be under my 300 word limit. Thanks again for your input.