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Charging more for Fiverr logo removal: Possible marketing/revenue opportunity?

A lot of sellers on Fiverr charge extra for commercial use of their work and to be honest, I have no idea how this works.

Fiverr says that all work and rights to work belong to buyers as soon as orders are finalized anyway. What, however, if on an image or video, sellers included a credit to themselves complete with the Fiverr logo and asked that sellers pay extra to have this removed?

i.e. I am reverting back to only selling quick and easy to edit video templates instead of offering custom on-demand work. Would I subsequently be able to charge for commercial use by saying that unless this is paid for, an end credit will appear with the Fiverr logo and my profile details?

As well as being an easy way to profit, my thinking is that this would be an easy and effective way to market gigs. So does anyone do this already?

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Paying extra for commercial use is a gimmick to make more money from a sale.

Obviously they are going to use it for commercial purposes. They certainly are not getting it to look at in the privacy of their own homes for entertainment.

I wouldn’t put the fiverr logo there then hold it hostage until they paid for a commercial license. I would send a message saying that the rule is that they must pay for a commercial license after they order along with the order for that extra and see if they do it.

You can try going the route you mentioned and tell them there will be your name and the fiverr logo at the end but if you do that before they order they probably won’t order.

Word the message you send to request the commercial license fee very carefully. Tell them that you embed subliminal ads in the video unless they pay. jk.

You could also say in your gig description that you don’t charge extra for a commercial license; but also have higher basic rates.

In my eyes, once the sale is complete, the buyer owns the work 100%. Anything else is a joke. I’m sure the law in every country will back this up. Sellers who try to squeeze more out of a buyer on this premise should be ashamed.

Ok @misscrystal and @homeestates, I think you are missing my point.

If someone needs something like an explainer video, poster ext in the real world, they do have have to pay more for creative companies branding to removed.

If I am a company and I need an explainer video from somewhere like Animaker, I sign up and make one for pretty cheap but that cheapness comes at the cost of the service provider adding their watermark to any downloaded files. To have this removed, people buying such services need to pay extra.

This is not a scam, it is a very common marketing method. My question is basically that since Fiverr allows sellers to charge for commercial use, would it be permissible to employ this strategy using the Fiverr logo itself.

If you feel so strongly about this, I would suggest that you tell the company ‘Raw Shorts’ who’s branding is on many of your own gig videos, that they are breaking the law and you would like this removed immediately… Or didn’t you want to pay to have this removed and would they just laugh at you?

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Why not just put your own logo and name on it?

You could ask customer support if you can use the fiverr logo.

You still own and use the video - just with the Raw Shorts branding. I still think it’s immoral, but this is different to paying someone to design it for you. On Raw Shorts you design yourself on their platform - with their rules.

On Fiverr you pay someone to design you a video - and then they have the cheek to ask for more money to use it! It’s laughable. Why are video designers any different to writers? I wouldn’t write a sales page for someone and then tell then they couldn’t use it unless they paid me more money!!!

I think these sellers should be driven off the site.