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Charging Prospective Buyers for Tech Support?

Hi all!

So I am a programmer that does scripting for my Fiverr buyers. There are times when a prospective buyer will come to me with a request that is better served by something other than one of my scripts. An example would be Syncing calendars between Google and Office365. There are lots of other solutions out there that would do a better job than a script I could write (in my example situation Zapier would be a better solution to sync two online calendars). So I want to lead the buyer to the best solution, which is not always hiring me for the job. But I kind of feel like I am giving out free tech support / advice. And if I am giving you advice on how to get the best solution to your problem, I feel like that advice is worth something to the prospective buyer. So do I create a $5 gig, and ask them to purchase this “tech support gig” before answering their question? Do I give them the answer, and then ask them, if they found my advice valuable to “Please buy my tech support gig”? Or do I just keep giving advice away for free? Would love to hear other sellers thoughts on this.


If you give a buyer the answer, they won’t pay you. I’d simply create a tech support gig. Then when people message you, let them know that you would be happy to take a look at their problem and offer s potential solution, if they order from your gig.

My guess is that most won’t.

You could also just say that you don’t offer free technical support and leave it at that. I’ve had dozens of people message me about my Flippa auction listing writing gig. All want to know if I think their website will sell and how they can improve their listing. However, none want to actually place an order. In this case, I just tell them I can;t help.

Generally if someone doesn’t want to pay, they will be troublesome to work with if you do persuade them to place an order.


They don’t generally come to me looking for free advice. Most of them come to me wanting to pay me to automate some task for them. Sometimes those tasks already have better solutions (Zapier for one). I want my buyers to get the best solution that is available for their particular automation need. If there is already a tool out there that does the automation that the buyer is looking for better/quicker/faster than whatever I could write for them, then I want to make sure they get that tool, even if it costs me the sale.

In this case, maybe create a “Quick & Easy Tech Fix” gig which you direct such people to. You would just need to make sure they know that you will likely point them to free DIY solutions they can take care of themselves.

How you word it/set it up will be up to you. However, you should be paid for your time when giving out advice like this.

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In that case, why not have an extra for a consultation or report? Yes, you aren’t doing the work, but you’re pointing them in the direction of a workflow. A better workflow saves people tons of time, as will your advice on what is best.

I have spent hours trying to figure out workarounds for automated workflows in marketing. What you’re providing saves a lot of headaches. That’s the value you provide, not just the labor involved in making a script. Charge by value and time saved, not just by the labor involved in doing the work.

Also, you’ve worked hard to get the skillset you have. No doubt you’ve done a lot of research and a lot of work to enhance your skills.You need to be compensated for that.


Thanks for the encouragement @humanissocial

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