Charities Looking For Free Work - The Grinch!


HI Fiverr’ss

Without prejudice…
To all the charities and students asking for free work or to avoid paying fee’s, not that Fiverr allows free work anyway.
What makes you think that your charity aligns with my principles in order to get free work and my time. When you go to buy reems of paper for your copier does the guy at Office Depot give it to you for free. No . …
I COULD go on and on …The army/police etc and Children specific charities and disaster relief are exeptions. And I would give discounts only to those who show a tax exemption certificate, a student ID or military ID.
HaPPY HoLLidays


I also get few of those from time to time. Not students though but mostly charities


Getting a ton of charities for VO


Charities generally have to pay for the things they need as far as I know. Charities don’t go around begging for freebies or expecting that saying they are a charity entitles them to free services.


Geez earlier this month I was getting requests for free readings like crazy. I’m a nice person but you don’t see me going around asking for free stuff so why should you?


I have a physical disability running in the family and the one thing I learned from it is to never get involved with a charity I’m not personally familiar with/don’t know people from.

So each time I’m approached (and it’s always either for free work or for, like, a 70% discount) I tell people I believe their heart is in the right place and they are doing a noble job but I’m not a right person for them.

Then I’m immediately being called names, being told I’m a horrible person who should be ashamed or a combination of the two. And that abrupt switch in behavior never fails to convince me I’m operating under a right set of principles.


A well known charity from my homeland asked if I can’t do it for free, and to refund the money after the sale completed :crazy_face:


I’m not the one to have a go at people on social media but I’d probably would if I were you 'cause that’s the case that warrants it (and exposes everything wrong that is with this line of activity).

The funniest case we had was a charity organizing a holiday in Greece for children with cerebral palsy (and hence either in wheelchairs or with a severely limited mobility) and getting them a villa to stay in on the very top of a steep hill. Everyone who went just laughs about it now because it was a scene straight out of a dark comedy.