Charity work on Fiverr


Hi -
Most my activity so far on Fiverr has been for charities. I charge $5 for work that I consider to be worth $100s.
I’m ok with charging $5 to charities for the work, and I also plan to donate all the proceeds from that work back, as I’m doing to for experience and “to save the world” not for the small income it provides.

What bugs me is that Fiverr skims one$ off of the work I do for free :frowning:

Any plans to provide fee-free services for charity work? any plans to provide a matching donation systems for vendors who chose to donate part of their proceeds?


Sounds like you do great work!

If you’re doing work free, 20% of $0 = $0?

Fiverr don’t want you to work for nothing - they want 20% of your earnings, because that’s their business model.

Not sure how practical your suggestion is as I’m sure they’d find an awful lot more users being charities even if they weren’t, but it does sound like a good idea.

Always make sure you get paid for the work you do though - it’s not you who’s the charity!

Good luck! :sunny:


Sounds like an idea worth discussing. But Fiverr is a business and the primary purpose of a business like this is to make profit. It would practically impossible to earn profits if Fiverr decided not to make cuts out of sellers’ income here. Would they?


That’s Great Charles, you’re doing good work. We should be thankful that we’ve got this kind of safe & secure platform and i think 20% isn’t worth, compared to the other freelancing platforms. We wouldn’t even be earning this money, if we didn’t have this platform. So, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


You’re using Fiverr’s platform. Who do you think pays to keep this site running? :slight_smile:
Besides, in order to separate charity work from the rest, they would need to hire even more people to look into it. You think there won’t be scammers who will take advantage of this?

It’s great that you do charity work. I’ve built multiple sites for children camps, all kinds of volunteer initiatives etc. but I don’t expect Fiverr to do it.

You can set up your own site and do the work for free :wink:


Thanks everyone who joined in on the conversation. Of course I understand that Fiverr is a for profit organization, just as I am as well. Its not at all uncommon for companies to give heavy discounts or even free services / products to charities.

A couple examples:

“The Autodesk Foundation provides support through grant funding, software, technical training, and industry expertise to grantees in architecture, engineering, product design and manufacturing, visual effects, gaming, and related fields who are creating solutions to environmental and social challenges.”

“We created the Atlassian Foundation with the vision of helping make the world better. As a company, we contribute 1% of annual profits, 1% of employee time, and 1% of company equity to the foundation.”

These companies find, just as I do, that being an active part of their local or professional communities is beneficial in the long run to their image and to customer loyalty.

I’d like it if they simply supported me when I try to give back, rather than take 2 dollars from the charities I’m trying to support.

if I could charge $0 for these projects it would be simple, but I can’t do that either.



Your last point is true. But what is good about Fiverr is that charities who need help but don’t have a lot of resources come here to find cheap labor. If I had my own site, no one would find me.


Yes, it is admirable that you want to do free work, but a little unrealistic that others around you provide their services free because of it. The employees at fiverr still need to earn their salaries. Does your local power company give you some free electricity every month to do charity work with? If you fly somewhere to do a speech for charity do you expect the airline to fly you there at no charge?

Besides, if this were the case, thousands of folks here would be claiming that their work was “charity” to skim the extra 20%. How would fiverr monitor that?


many companies (who want to get involved in charitable activities) have found solutions to these problems. For example, airline JetBlue flew free flights to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria to bring in aid workers.

Where there is a will there is a way.


I don’t think any of us is against it, it’s just that giving $1 to Fiverr isn’t such a bad deal considering what Fiverr offers you in return :slight_smile:
Besides, maybe Fiverr is contributing to charity in their own way. You don’t know if they are making any donations.

Who says they have to find you? I’m sure you can reach out to them :wink:

Also, there are plenty of great designers, developers, copywriters and marketing specialists who would love to build you a site that gets attention.


If you have ever worked for a charity, you will know that they are the most money hungry entities in existence. Donate $1 to the Red Cross and over 90% of that will go on raising the next dollar by paying people like street fundraisers and marketing companies to create catchy “Give us Money!” TV commercials.

Then charities pay their own staff…

So why would Fiverr waive their commission when actually a charity is already making a lot of savings by getting work done here?


No. Where there is a cuddly 'we’re really nice people" marketing opportunity, there is a cash cow.


It just not your platform if you want that all the benefits of your charity work go to the people you want to help.
There are loads of other platforms where you can offer free stuff and no third party skims money off of it.


Charity Navigator ranks the best and worst on this, indeed many are scams.


Trust me, I know. I have worked for a lot of charities. I even worked for a year for an exclusive hotel on its own private island which is operated under the guise of a charity.

I have felt that I have done real good volunteering with charities in local areas run by real local community members with a passion for what they are doing. I never, however, donate money or time to anything else.

I have a dream of settling in Africa or Asia after I have made my first million. There I will go to a school where people usually go to teach English and say, “hey, how about I buy a ton of computers and start giving free computer and digital marketing classes?”

That’s how I will make good with God and humanity.

All I need to do in the meantime is get over my abject fear of spiders.


Skepticism is healthy!


Haha! I’ve taught a class on design in Uganda and didn’t see a single spider :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s Great work…really this is a good work…


But it’s the idea that there could be one.

I’m fully prepared to buy a machine gun and wear a suit of armor, even at the equator, for the sake of total spider protection.

I just don’t like the idea of them being in the first place.


Fiverr as a platform is not suited to working with charities.
The fact that it is nearly anonymous, or that anyone can sign up and say “I represent X charity” means it is wide open to abuse. I prefer to make money here and donate it where I want it to go, rather than do the work here for free.
Anywhere there is a lack of clear transparency is a terrible place to try do charity.
You will find that there are many resellers who will be more than happy to take the work you do for $5 and then sell it to the charity at a near market rate.

That said, I have done some work for charities I have met here at low rates and the 20% is such an insignificant amount that it would likely cost more for Fiverr to check, verify and administrate giving the money away than it is worth. Consider those $1 fees you have paid, At minimum wage for a western country, that would allow approx 6 minutes of a staff member’s time to go through the order and see if it was a legitimate charitable transaction.