Chat Box In Fiverr Inbox


Hello All,

I am new here and what I am missing here is chat box. It is very slow to communicate via inbox messages. So don’t you think there should be chat like system where we can see our client is online or not. If they are then we can chat them directly. I think it would increase communication more and we would get a new functionality. Please comment on this and share your views.




That would be cool ;D I support!


Yes…!! We really need that support…Fiverr should have gmail or fb like chat system :frowning: or they can use their own fiverr style :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: that would be much liked.


I guess it could be useful for some gigs.

I prefer gigs where I can reduce the client contact.


I just as soon keep it professional with buyers and having instant chat can lead to unprofessional behavior by some. Then you will have buyers asking for favors, after they think they know you, and then coming on Fiverr just to find someone to chat with instead of buying gigs.

However, if implemented I do not have to use the feature I suppose. I am in favor of the feature as long as we all have the option of turning it off.


Right, If you really need real time interaction make a Skype approved gig.


That would be great if the chat feature is implemented.Support ! =D>


Um, well, it “sort of is” for support. For TRS, however, from my perspective, it’s just another way to make a ticket. I’ve never had real time chat.


I love this idea. Would save on all the back and forth emails.


I would love it, but I think you should be able to turn it off if you want to. It would definitely help increase sales!


It’s a great idea! Will improve the buyers satisfaction too.