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Chat off fiver site with clients?


I was wondering if it is against the terms to chat with sellers off the fiverr site (on ■■■■■ for example) as long as all transactions are held through fiverr?


It is against TOS. In case of any dispute fiverr wouldn’t be able to help you.


How?? Did you share your contact information to the sellers or Did you asked them to give their contact information?

For the first case, a buyer can only share his/her contact info if its a part of order. (for eg: people looking for business card designs, etc)
For the second case, a buyer shouldn’t ask a seller to communicate outside of this platform as it is against the Terms of Service Agreement that a seller has signed up with Fiverr. Its up to a seller to follow the rules or not. So, you can imagine yourself that if a person communicates with you outside of this platform, then you are working with a person that has already violated the rules. The question arises is: Is the seller trust-able enough? (because he/she is already in violation.)

In a case of any dispute, You can show the transactions to the Fiverr but where is the communication? You won’t have an answer to that. They won’t be looking to your text messages/emails/■■■■■ etc or whatever the mode of communication is, they won’t take that into consideration.

If you come here to Fiverr, then please follow the rules!! :smile: :wink: :sunny:

Good Luck!!