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Chat system - very bad UI/UX experience

I just bought my first service on Fiverr.
The main communication tool is the chat tool.
It is so slow I can die waiting for it. There is a horrible lag between the the time I type the letter on the keyboard and the time it appears on the screen.

It makes the chat tool unusable in my eyes

I ended up writing the text on notepad and then pasting it in the chat. !!!

I am not kidding when I am saying this will influence my willingness to buy another service.
Strangly enough I am not experiencing this problem here

Fiverr, please fix this


You are right, there are a lot of improvements to be made to chat section.
It usually waste a lot of time of seller as well as buyer.

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The question is do they care as I do not see any response from them
I even dare to say they need to monitor it by themselves without us raising this

I am here for more than 3 years never faced this issue.
It may be browser issue or some technical issue at your end.
BTW Fiverr recommended browser is chrome.

maybe it would be the internet connection that was slow and affected the page fiverr

I am using Chrome latest.
and my internet connection is good.
As I said I do not experience this bug here in the forum