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what about a chat system in Fiverr? not like facebook or another sites, just like if someone messages us we don;t have to open that from that message place belongs near notifications, just it will appear normally in our screen , and we can reply from here , it will be great :slight_smile:

Won’t happen. Contact details will be exchanged.


Candi x

no chat system like , if someone messages us we don’t have to reload it will come on screen.

Reply to @creativelycandi: no chat system like , if someone messages us we don’t have to reload it will come on screen. not like facebook, and we can only see our buyer’s online

chat system using sql queries it can flood the server it can lagg it out , just image 10000 users using it , it will De-grade the server performance , it will require a bigger server to handle that

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Heck no, I hate being on Facebook when someone starts sending chat messages, it’s very distracting. Besides, I come to Fiverr to work, not chat.

Reply to @creativelycandi: contact deals can be exchanged anyways, this is a honesty based system with minimal security in that regard, I think a chat would be great. Maybe not a full on chat but something perhaps like direct message to window, still in inbox but with a conversation flow frame to promote a chat feel, would be great.

Reply to @kjblynx: I couldn’t argue that. Maybe I’ll code an example and put it on where I’ll be doing my pcast on fiverr sellers and etc, and test the theory first hand, there is surely some strong useful less intrusive way to implement it with the sellers in mind.

not chat man, just a simple conversations

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Psst. Psst. Psst. :wink:

Gotta love that one… “Psst” you can hear it when you read it…

Reply to @prinzidesign: it still use sql queries and it clog the server .

facebook dont have 1 server they have over 100 server so if 1 dies other one takes over , this is how powerful machine they have to handle large data going in and out.

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