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Chatting issues

Hello guy’s,
Is there any problem in messaging with buyer. Recently i send messages but it was not showing there.
Please help me it will be increase my respond rate if i can’t reply.


Yeah! same problem. My delivery order doesn’t show, but done!

this is a bug.
Fiverr developer working to fix many problem. I hope It will fix very soon.

After bug fixed, My delivery order will be shown? I am confuse!

Same I hope they can fix it soon,

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don’t worry
Everything will working perfectly.

Yeah, Thanks a lot…bro


you are welcome.
Have a good day

When do you think will this bug get fixed? Thank you!

Same here. I can’t even send custom offers through inbox.

Same I have been trying for the last couple hours, but no luck

It’s a bug bro. Please wait some time

Ohh i see hope it will fix as soon as possible there was also bug in gig detail.

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No no…Actually, when i’m opening my gig page on site then, it is continuously showing that "We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual."
Also, Nobody can’t send or receive message during this maintenance as far as I know about this. I’m sending message to my buyer but not reaching to the customer end.
No more orders, No more buyer requests at this time… Gigs ranking are becoming low day by day with mostly everyone…
Don’t know what’s going on during this maintenance time… :confused:

Exactly i am thinking about that


I’m always relieved to see other people are experiencing the same issues. I have a dozen or so messages to which I need to reply. In my experience, Fiverr are prompt at resolving this type of problem through, so I suspect it’s best if we all just sit tight.

Okay dear, i am new in fiverr that’s why i was confused about that.
Thank you