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Cheap and quick proofreading and editing

Are you a writer, blogger, aspiring novelist, or poor college student being forced to write something against your will? Do you want to ensure your article/blog/essay/manuscript/fanfiction (seriously, we’re not picky!) is of the highest quality possible? Do you want to go broke from astronomical proofreading fees?

We can help you with one of those problems! Ripping you off is not a service we provide yet, nor one we can promise in the future.

Let us edit your content for you! For just five dollars you get access to a dedicated team of writing professionals whose credentials include but are not limited to a BA in English (with a focus on professional editing), an AA in Journalism, and an eye for detail! We’ll take care of grammar, spelling, and other mechanical issues, as well as edit for readability/hammer out any additional kinks that stick out.

Five dollars buys you 2500 words of content proofread and edited within 24 hours of purchase. Look below for discounted prices for higher word counts!


I need a fair price for editing and proofreading my book on Createspace.I already paid somebody but he did an awful job.My Word documents has 37 600 words.I used heading 1, 2 and 3 but I am not sure aboit the lay oit of the book…
Ps.I have 17 books waiting to be edited and 2 friends who need help too.

let “ME” manually proofread and edit 2500 words of any type of writing in less then 24 hours.

I do not outsource so you can expect quality work. A full refund is made if you aren’t completely happy with my work.

Head over to this URL to check out my gig:

We never outsource, instead my gig represents a group of people attempting to make supplemental income through Fiverr. Why choose us? One set of eyes is never better than two. We work fast and we offer the best discounts for quantity work. - See more at: