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Cheap budget Buyer on Fiverr


they want to pay less but want to have the whole world and never satisfy with what they get.


I often see seller offering low prices and if you offer low prices everyone wants to save money right? Otherwise I see most buyers don’t want quality work because they know the worth of time.

Then some people are here just for fun they sure are happy to get work done at cheap prices

with 6 years in fiverr, i have faced many buyers like this. specially the ones who order a 5$ and then starts talking about the project ( which usually goes around 200$ or above in the real world ).

So basically the main reason for this is the buyers have no idea about the amount of work which has to be done to get their stuff done. Or they are very tricky and tries to trick a seller into getting stuff done for less. Regarding the fiverr platform been very strict on sellers, they take full advantage of it. Either get this done for me or i will cancel. thats the rule they depend on.

So As sellers, all we can do is leave a highlighted line in each gig description explaining not to order anything prior ordering.


Come to the writing industry, where some want 50,000 words books for 20$ in two weeks and being high quality. :joy::joy::joy:

Buyer requests is a fun thing to read sometimes.


True, first you can kiiiiiiinda giggle or have a little smirk…
but then you feel…sad. Well at least I do!


We all have this kind of customer. Typically ignores extras, or offers you send them, and get demanding. They do have questions 2 month after your work was done too.

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It is usually hard on new sellers since they have to start from somewhere. with the low $5 rate they can attract cheap buyers and maybe try negotiating with them if the work is tough.


Everybody know that Fiverr is the Buyer base market place. So seller is helpless because of done your job buyer could cancel order after 6 month later. :joy:

That’s nothing to do with Fiverr - that’s in PayPal’s terms of service.

Wherever a buyer uses PayPal they’re protected for 180 days.

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yeah absolutely! i always tell cheap buyers that im sorry that they cannot afford my services. :smiley:


Do you mean not to order the gig before messaging you? I added that msg at the end of all of my gig descriptions. After reading around in the forums I learned how important that statement is.

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But can be easily ignored and the gig ordered anyway. :wink:

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I know, but it can help sometimes.:thinking: Better than nothing. Some will do it.:smiley:

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Absolutely! Just ignore them. There are many sellers out there who will buy our service with great price.

Sometimes some buyer wants whole website design within $5-$10 in Buyer requests. I just removed those buyer request. Because you have 10 offers for a day. If you misuse the offers later you can not send any offer in good buyer request.


yeah, any sane buyer would READ gig descriptions before ordering right? i mean, some buyers are so clueless that they order flower design artworks to a web developer!

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I know. I’ll take what I can get.:relieved: If only a few read and adhere I’m thankful! :clap: The rest I have to take time to put my foot down and/or send customized offers.

No matter how needy you are with orders, always skip the impossible buyers…

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