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Cheap Buyers are great, really


A week ago, I get a message with 2 scripts attached and a request for a custom offer. I returned an offer based on his word count at $2,300. Tonight, a week later, I get a message from him that simply says “That’s Insane”. I didn’t remember him, or even know what he was talking about till I looked at the history. I responded, “Only insane to You, many buyers actually pay good money for their jobs, but I am sure you will find someone who will do a bang up job for $5.”

What a nozzle. I get that you don’t want to pay a certain price, but seriously, just take a leap, no need to be rude about it. And how is that a surprise to you anyway?.. It’s not like our prices are a secret.


Was it to read a book? That is around 20,000 words at least.

I’ve had someone who pops up and asks questions about my gigs for over a year.


Was a little over 10,000. The thing is that I regularly help folks who need a lower price find another seller. They appreciate it. Just that this moron walks into a Mercedes dealership and complains that the cars are expensive. Yes, I know how cheesy it is to compare myself to a Mercedes dealership.


You do have the best male voice on the site.



Thank you. Truth is that there are about 4 others who are really great. Top notch. I referred someone to one of them today because he was a better fit. Do folks really ask if your gigs are dangerous?


Only the $5 ones.:scream:


Im curious, who order these $5 gigs, maybe the “dear” people :stuck_out_tongue:


You wouldn’t have said it any better


I had the same experience this week.

My gig starts at $5, but the service would become $60, compare to the buyer request, he said my gig mas misleading buyers comprehension, just basing in my gig TITLE, not description.

I dont know if it’s “the dark force” in me which want, but I need to argue with people who thinks that for $5 I “need to do” everything they want.

When I need to charge more, about 90% of my buyers understand and accept the extra charge.

But this one I couldn’t understand, because he works in the same areas mine (outside of fiverr), but he couldnt handle so much work, so he searched for fiverr, expecting I would work massive hours for $5.

I understand, that depending the country economy, there are some differences in charging, but forcing someone to accept the price they want, it’s “amazing”.

finishing, he told me if I wouldn’t accept his price, he would send me a “bad review” to fiverr team.

anyway, good luck buddy, I dont care for bad buyers like this.


It can become difficult to manage expectations of buyers when there are so many others offering their services for almost nothing. But offering quality and charging a fair price for this is definitely the way forward.


Amazon has a voiceover division, you can pay $300 to $500, or you pay nothing but commissions from book sales are split between you and the VO artist. That’s great for writers, but if the book sucks and only sells a few copies a month, you might make $5 a month.

Personally, I don’t believe Fiverr wast meant for huge projects. Others disagree, but to me, the more time you spend on a project, the greater the risk. I would rather get several orders from $10 to $50 a day than one $1,000 order a week.


That´s the part I don´t get either.

If you tell me “your gig price is too high for me” or “I can´t afford your gig price” - all fine,
well, not really, because… hello, it was you who messaged me because you saw my gig which tells you the exact price for a certain amount of work - how can that be such a surprise?
But, at the least, don´t walk up to me and tell me “insane”, “your price is too high”.

No, it isn´t. And you´re only wasting my and your valuable time with this, apart from being extremely rude, so my price should become even higher then if anything but not lower.

If you´re not prepared to pay anything close to the price a seller puts in their gig,
which, surprise, they may have chosen not randomly by throwing dice but with reason
(for example, to be able to give enough time and attention to the job at hand, so they can deliver good quality to people who know what good quality is and that it comes at a certain price and are prepared to pay it),
just leave them alone and message a seller whose price you like better, hm?



I hope you reported that to CS, it is not allowed.


They are trying to change that with PROs, milestones, levels etc. I’m still not convinced that they’ll be able to shake the $5 reputation, but they sure are trying :slight_smile:
Personally I think they should have created a new front door with the PRO initiative (Toyota -> Lexus), but let’s see how it plays out.


I’m glad they mix in the high priced PRO’s with the rest. It makes buyers appreciate it more when they get PRO quality at a bargain price. I think it brings them down to earth.


Valid point :slight_smile:
It probably works both ways. Some see it as a bargain and some ask why I charge so much when next to me someone offers a website for $5.


So there are the ones who want it as cheap as possible, and the ones who are willing to pay more if they perceive the quality is superior. It is no longer a race to the bottom price-wise.


I don’t understand the milestones, what if the client likes milestone 1 and 2 but not 3? Will the seller end up refunding the entire order? Seems like a big risk to me.

The PRO sellers I see, the ones with lots of sales, are also doing small projects. Who wants to work 40 hours for $1,000 only to refund that or get chargeback?

People talk a lot about the TOS, how refunds are illegal, but here’s the reality.

  1. If you don’t refund, you’ll get a bad review
  2. If you don’t refund, you’ll get a PayPal chargeback
  3. If you don’t refund, buyer will cry to CS and they will refund

Instead of going through all that, I just refund.


I feel (or felt) your pain.
I’ve actually done a few…more than a few audio books, but 3 or 4 on Fiverr.
Lost 2 potential buyers on books of 10 to 12K words.
What they don’t understand is that, at least for me that would take about an hour and 10 mins of continuous reading. Not that I would read non-stop for an hour.
It also takes (me) about 4 hours to edit the audio and I charge per edited hour. At any rate (no pun intended) my offer was $1900…they balked, bailed and told me they didn’t come on Fiverr to pay 2 grand for a voiceover. My reply was to send them my off-fiverr rate sheet.
I’m still awaiting their response…it’s been 5 months :smiley:

BTW, I heard their finished audio book on their website. Sounded like recording in a tin can while eating a bowl of rocks, but to each his own.



OT: I usually get the complaints when I ask the buyer to cancel because he ordered more than 200 words without requesting a custom offer. And not that my rates are that high anyway!