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Cheap Buyers verse Desperate Sellers!


I used to wonder how some buyers will ask a seller to write 2,000 unique and plagiarizing free content for $1 (1dollar), yet many sellers will jump into such offers and start accepting. Indeed, it looks like many cheap buyers are creating their own offers rather than the original or official $5 setup by Fiverr. How I wish Fiverr will look into this type of molestation, called attitudes. It’s not welcomed at all. After all, there are some freelance sites that buyer’s pay very high-price for just 500 words article.


Some buyers pay high prices here too. Just ignore those offers that are too low.


Few pro writers are charging thousands of dollars here.


Today I got screwed by two buyers. One paid $30, another paid $10. Price makes no different, a bad buyer will screw you no matter how much or how little he pays.


I think you all are correct. I just wanted to know how others respond to under-low bids or offers. I appreciate your responses to my post. Thanks!


There’s a flood of low-quality buyers and Fiverr Resellers from what I can tell. Out of the 10 messages, I’ve got over the past 2 days some were just resellers and some rest wanted the premium at the price of the basic.


I thought so too! The resellers are quick to win the jobs but wouldn’t do themselves.


I think it’s the resellers that engage in offering below the normal rates. I myself have gotten 2-3 buyers who pay $60 and above. But that’s if you are lucky to meet such buyers often, then you are on top.


Resellers? You mean people who get an order and then hire someone else to do it? I suppose you could do that, I deliver in 3 days, others in 7, so you could get a 7-day order and then hire me.

I am not a fan of that, because the likelyhood of revision requests and refund demands increases.


@fastcopywriter, I noticed that this was the prevailing trend back in 2015 :rofl:, so I quickly changed my tack. Rather than try to kill myself and provide top quality work (that the Buyer was way too lazy and cheap to do themselves), I formularized a content creation service and skewed it in terms of my own ease and comfort. I’ve only sold one of the gigs so far, by the way it’s structured it absolutely drives away time-wasters and those thinking of cadging more work than they deserve price-wise. I’ve managed to turn the service provision model on its’ head by applying concepts conceived in past Online Marketing experiments.


That’s an interesting experience. Can you mention one of your gigs as an example of what you did before and what you’re doing now?


Sure @fastcopywriter, the gig I was referring to was a standard rewriting gig (the type I offered at Digitalpoint Forums Marketplace) that was just a pain as the Buyers always wanted to throw in conditions after the Gig was started or just engaged in predatory practices that sapped my patience and joy. Having done Online Marketing for a number of years prior, I realized that the best approach was to offer a solution-based package catering to the needs of common, repetitious problems. When I repolarized my thinking, I found that I was able to set my own terms and didn’t chase down work. I put out the correct problem classification just in the title headline alone that makes those with the problem being addressed come a runnin’ :rofl:


You are absolutely right, they should look into it


Very funny, how can a buyer want to pag price of basic dor premium. I need some hair, some buyer can be ****


I think you’re offering too much 25 articles? Most people only need one article spined, maybe 2.

Personally, it’s not a gig I would ordered because those automatically rewritten articles always end up looking weird.


I think that so many new people here on Fiverr are just desperate for reviews and will sacrifice getting a decent income as a result. But this is not always the case. For instance, notice that the vast majority of the people who run to accept these pathetically low offers are from countries where the cost of living is much lower, such as India, where the rent for an apartment can be as low as 200-300 dollars a month, hotels can go for as low as 5$ a night, and food can be just cents for a samosa, depending on where you stay.

Since the cost of living there is so low compared to the US, where a studio apartment can cost as much as 1100$, my current 2-bedroom apartment is 880$. Since Fiverr is based in Israel, it makes more sense for much of their clientele to come from the middle east or near the middle east. For instance, Fiverr’s main traffic (outside of the US) comes from India and Pakistan. Two countries with a much lower cost of living.

So chances are that many people jump for 1$ for 500 words and whatnot because 1$ goes very far in their country. Many people who request 1$ for 500 words and whatnot might be cheap, but might also come from the same country where that 1$ would be near equivocal to our 5$.

So a lot more geography and culture goes into it than just being “cheap” or “desperate.” While I may laugh at the idea of paying so little for so much work, others see that 1$ as a way to feed themselves and their kids for a day, so it might be best not to just ignore this influence. If someone wants to sell their kidneys for 50 cents and someone else is willing to buy them for that much, that is between the seller and buyer.

In other words, it’s none of our business what their business entails.

Correct me if I am wrong @ssj1236


You make an interesting point and one that I have thought a lot about. The economic differences are things I try to account for when I submit custom offers to buyers. I take notice of what countries they are from.

I keep my prices too high for most from some countries to want to buy. It is just as well, since my gigs are actually targeted to a Western audience as far as how they perform best. Differences in customs among various countries can affect how gigs are perceived. I was shocked to get such high quality artistic work at such low prices from some sellers, just as I know lots of buyers are shocked by my prices.

I live in a very high cost of living area.


I agree with # misscrystal , much price have but selling chance down other place,


Yeah, cultural differences are a big thing… Western people are easiest to talk to and make arrangements while more than once a buyer (let’s call him “Mr. East”) was bargaining about the price once the job was finished, trying to cut the price down by 20-30%. Not a general rule, tho…


Na, they just cheap. I work locally with some people and they pay pretty reasonably sometimes more than my Fiver prices.