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Cheap buyers who cancel work they claim to love

First he spends $15 for a radio and a print ad. Then he demands a modification because he thinks you can’t say “BADONKADONK” on the air. I explained to him you can, and he could have changed that word very easily, or ask me to suggest a different word.

Then he tells me, again, that he loves the commercial.

And then today I’m told that the buyer cancelled the order, a forced cancellation. I have written customer service, all my buyers know “satisfaction guaranteed or your money guy,” but if a guy tells me twice he’s more than satisfied, how dare he cancel on me? I think he’s a cheap buyer that wants to get something for nothing.

He was booted, and good riddance. So sorry he got away with your money and time.

I take back what I said about him, it was a Fiverr thing, here’s his explanation. I’m not including his name out of respect for his privacy:

"NO NO NO…Listen, you did an EXCELLENT JOB!! I LOVED IT!..REALLY, no jokr…it’s not like that at all. Let me explain . When I ordered the gig from you, it was like 3:00AM and I thought it didn’t go through, so I ordered again: well, I looked on PP account and it showed up $15.75 and another $15.75, so it showed twice. I contacted them by phone and they said I should just do a dispute. I explained that It had NOTHING to do with the seller and you already provided the work for me and they said that I would get the other $15.75 back. This was my fault…They looked at it as spoof cause they only have so many categories to check…I will tell you what. I will cancel this on PP and just write it off. I would rather have you as someone I can come back to again which is more important then the darn $15.75 plus, Fiverr restricted my account due to this and it has put me back in my business goals…"

So I don’t think it’s completely his fault, buyers simply need to be aware of when they have money in their account, when they don’t, when they’re using PayPay before purchasing an order, when they’re putting money into the account, etc. It’s not rocket science, it just takes a little patience.

Sometimes it is hard when you don’t see the buyer’s side of Fiverr. I had a buyer who kept ordering my gig through paypal thinking it did not go through. He kept ordering until he had 10 pending orders when he only needed to order once. Needless to say, we had to cancel 9 of the orders but it took a while for him to grasp how to do it.

I think when you place an order through paypal and if for some reason it does not show up immediately, it may be best to wait it out for a few hours to see if it shows up.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Ditto, glad he got back to you and he wasn’t trying to scam you. What an awesome buyer to get back in touch with you, he could have just gone on his way.

Reply to @steveeyes: I appreciate your story, it deserves a thread just for that.

Reply to @steveeyes: Recently I had three buyers accidentally placing two orders when they only needed one. Inconvenient for buyers and sellers both, buyers get their funds trapped until the cancellation, and the seller’s cancellation rate grows.