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Cheapest on fiverr

Somehow i am the cheapest on fiverr, with a proper description etc. (on my translation service) yet still not getting any offers. Obviously unable to see the views atm.

One of your gigs is called “I will learn you a consistent forex strategy”. This is incorrect, and doesn’t bode well for an english translator.


How are you a translator if you can not even write proper grammar and words in your title?
Maybe you are cheapest, no offense, but maybe the poorest quality Gig?


Completely right haha, was a useless gig anyway. I forgot that it was still online. My quality is close to perfect, 19/20 business english score.

*business. If you work on the writing field, you need to be extra careful with all your writing. (btw, Fiverr tests are a joke, in any field. They mean nothing).

And another thing - if the trading service is not relevant anymore, you should probably change your profile picture, since it makes no sense with the service you’re offering.

Yeah, it happens when you write on a forum, this would obviously be fixed in a task as i would do revisions (it’s written like that in my native language haha). Was talking about a university test btw. Just did those fiverr test and they are way too easy if you ask me. Thanks for the tip, will change the profile pic!


First of all, your pricing is way off. You’re basic starter pack starts at $5 for 1000 words. Then your 5000 words one is $30. When realistically it should be $25 since 5 x 5 = 25. And your 10000 words is $55 when it should be $50. So you should fix that. And if you want more customers, you should make it a little bit cheaper if they buy the bigger package to make it look like you’re offering a good deal. If you change your $30 that should realistically be at $25 and you put it down to $20, I would feel like I would save $5 dollars if I buy the bigger package. You shouldn’t really care about how much your package costs because there are so many good translators here on Fiverr, you have a lot of competition. So by putting your prices way down even though it would feel like your getting too little for the job you are offering, getting those first 5 star reviews is important. That way you make trust and you can put your prices higher up. And when you are going to make a gig, you should actually be “good” at what you are offering. Your grammar is off, both in your description and title. Hope this helps.


I just realized that those higher packs were still partially based on my previous prices, thanks for notifying. Normally there shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes in my description so to say someone is bad at anything based on a lie is a bit rude if you ask me.

Do you have any experience with getting more messages etc after getting some 5-star reviews?

Can someone put link on his gig? I put his name in search bar and nothing.

No. 10 orders 5 stars and nothing.

No, link works but if I go back and search for you, nothing, your name gives no results.

If I copy paste your gig title you are not in search results too.

That’s strange, will try and fix that later tonight!

That is not your error, it is Fiverr. It is not showing you as a user.

I agree with all you say, although I would be interested to hear what others think about offering a discount for bigger sales.

It’s a personal thing, but as a proofreader and writer I tend not to offer discounts for larger orders - simply because people are buying my time, rather than a commodity such as pencils, for example.

In other words if it takes me 20 minutes to proofread 1,000 words, it will take me one hour to proofread 3,000 words. I can’t make my time any more efficient.

Whereas if you’re a wholesaler selling pencils, there’s very little time or financial impact involved in bunging in an extra pencil if the client orders a pack of 10 for example. In other words, buy 10 get one free.


I thought the same about that, if you have to translate it will cost you way more time to translate par example 10000 words than 1000 words. But on the other hand, you could say since they buy more they deserve a slight discount.

You know, your USP is completely false. You’re not offering the cheapest of your service on Fiverr. In about 2 seconds I found one cheaper. This shows you haven’t done market research at all, so you ought to conduct some more research.

Hello! I would try to speak proper English in your gig description, including using full sentences! It gives off a very casual vibe when you cut your sentences off, and many buyers might find that untrustworthy. For example, I speak conversational French, and when I work with someone in French, I always use proper, formal French.

For example (from your Gig description):
“Trying to get a proper side hustle out of this and hope to see some of you soon in my PM!”

You cut off the subject “I am trying to…” / “And I hope to see”
Slang: “Side hustle”, “in my PM”

People are spending real money here, so they are going to be more guarded on who they let their money be spent on. It is very important to make a great first impression!

However, I understand if this is the tone that you are purposefully trying to put out there. You might want to come across as extremely familiar/friendly/casual, and that is your choice to make! I just think that it is important to know how you come across to others! Some people might love how casual it sounds, but others will see it as off-putting. Especially if they came to you for a more serious translation.

People do not want to show off a “cheap” translation. You could sell it for $0.01, but if it looks sketchy, then people will not trust it. Google can give them an awful, but free translation ; however, they come to translators for accuracy. You need to give them a reason to come to you rather than Google Translate.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk! :grin:
If you need any English help (I see in the comments that you have taken academic English courses), then feel free to reach out!

But wait, that one is not cheaper and it’s description is false.