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Cheat control problem


My name is SAM.

I am level2 seller.There are some people on fiverr who blackmail sellers,

Yesterday a client came placed order, i did automation video job , installed premium plugin for future automation and after getting job done he changed his site’s password and now asking me to refund.

There should be a way to punish these cheaters.

I don’t see and solution so far.

Because we don’t refund they will give us bad review.

Fiverr should take some steps to take them out of roots.

Wow, that’s downright cheap of the buyer to do that. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident. If you have documentation or any proof of the work you’ve done and that you delivered as agreed with the buyer, it’s best you contact Customer Support. They will help you out!

Hoping for the best for your situation.

In a situation like that you need to contact Customer Service. If they do this enough Fiverr will ban their account. But sellers have to report it.

By the way does this happen to you a lot? Or was just this one time?

Take a screenshot your conversation and send to Customer Support.