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Cheat me client


Client say he give me a job 75 dollar. But he didn’t even i asked him are you sure. He told me that’s job yours. But after that his offline and if online he came just few minutes he stay.


Well then maybe he changed his mind. Don’t get excited until you actually get an order.


Nikki, I’m sorry to hear of your difficukty. I might say something like: “I’m so sorry, but I don’t see the order you describe. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s wrong. Could you please go to the order on your screen, and copy the order number? Once you tell me the order number, I can research the issue further. Thanks! Nikki”

Then, when you have the order number, you can try to bring it up on your end, or contact customer service, or come back here for more help.

Good luck!


I’ve had a few people try telling me “did you get my order?” when they know they didn’t order. Or they say “where is the delivery of my order?” when they didn’t order.

If I reply “I don’t see any order from you” they go away without responding.


He Didn’t order but he promised me he give me order.


A promise means very little without action. Never conduct your business on promises alone. If the buyer is serious about working with you, he won’t “promise to place an order”, he’ll actually place an order.

If he hasn’t placed and order yet, it is likely that he has no intention to do so.


He’s only a client if he actually places an order.

Maybe he’s busy elsewhere, maybe he changed his mind… A lot of things could have happened.

Maybe he was going to order at a later time, but saw you calling him a cheater on the forum, and decided to order from someone else.


Hummm may be he is let see what happened next


I wish they would charge everyone who messages me and says they will order and doesn’t a $5 liar fee.

There could be a little red warning message at the top of each message box saying:

Warning! Saying you will place an order and not doing so within a week will automatically cause your account to be charged $5.


When did you get the message? :thinking:
A lot of people are busy, and often times they take a while to get back to you.
I’ve had people contact me 2 weeks after the original message.

Having that said, when people say “I will give you a job” or “I will promise to buy
your gig” or “If you accept this job, you will get a lot of orders in the future,” don’t
take it seriously. NEVER consider it an actual gig until the order has been placed.
I don’t think the word “cheat” is fair in this case.


Little off topic rant: Someone sends me multiple messages and questions and I answer each one carefully, so they say they will place an order and to send them a custom offer. I sent the offer and never heard from them.

So two weeks go by and they have the nerve to send me a message asking me for advice on their situation. I check their profile and see they ordered from one of my competitors a few days ago.

This is common. Others in my category don’t talk to them after they order so they come to helpful me to ask advice.


Yes I am agree with you


Actually i asked him again again are you sure he say yes. So why i Don’t call him chet


you should expect lot more of such… he becomes your client when you can see your delivery time ticking.


Just cuz someone says they will do something and don’t follow through with it… doesn’t make them a cheat. This is especially true when it is their money we’re talking about; they can do whatever they want with it. As long as they have’t placed an order with you yet and you haven’t already started working on it, they can feel free to change their mind whenever they want.

The main problem here is that some people get SUPER HYPED up when someone contacts them that they feel terribly disheartened when it doesn’t follow through as anticipated. The best thing to do is to not get your hopes us as soon as someone contacts you. I always have this mindset that there is no way this person (who contacted me) is gonna place an order with me. That way, I don’t feel sad when they don’t place the order with me. Not only that, I am also pleasantly surprised when I get the order. It helps me both ways. It really works for me. @nikki_design


I would like to add to what Hans said.
If you’re taking your business seriously and you’re giving 100% every day then you shouldn’t even have time to worry about someone not making an order.

I’m constantly so busy that I sometimes even forget that people asked for a proposal and didn’t follow through. People send me their requirements, I send them back a standard proposal and it’s up to them if they accept it or not. If I never hear back from them then so be it. I have plenty of other things to do.

Don’t be this desperate & needy seller. Do something useful with your time - work on other orders, work on your gigs, learn something new. Instead of this thread you could have taken the time to fix grammar mistakes in your gig descriptions :wink:


Because it’s rude and unprofessional. Also, keep in mind that everyone with an internet connection can read this forum, even if they don’t have a Fiverr account. Do you really want every potential buyer who stumbles upon this topic to see you as rude and unprofessional?


I know but i am always keep my word. He Didn’t


He DOESN’T HAVE TO. It is as simple as that :slight_smile:

That doesn’t mean you can go about calling prospective buyers cheats. Doing that will hurt your image/business a lot. If, on the other hand, you would have just let it go, learnt from the experience, and improved yourself, things would’ve turned out so much better for you.


How that supposed to be that, the actual buyer will get to know the seller’s message in which the seller discussed about him?