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Cheated by a seller fragglesrock


I bought a gig, order no …

from fragglesrock

which was about targeted twitter followers,

Seller was late and said He just now saw the order and marked it completed.

this was in September and he till date has not Completed the order,

I have been generous and gave him more time but he again fooled lied and cheated. and didnt do anything

in the mean time his ranking also dropped and I also contributed by giving negative rep.

Kindly stop such fraud on fiverr and refund my money

as fiverr support team can see chats and discussions and take appropriate action.

Now let us see whether FIVERR is concerned about such fraud and is buyers friendly or not.


IF you guys suggest me to use facebook and twitter for complaints for fast action I will do that too.


I also want to inform you this new fiverr is troublesome and i still do not see any link to reject the order or complain…


will look for customer support link and see what happens.


okay found resolution centre link and submitted my complaint.

bought over 200 gigs and I understand that many times sellers need extra time due to unavoidable circumstances

but this is the first one in my memory when seller lied and cheated me. A lie for robbing my money. this is painful… never gave negative rep for poor work or late delivery many times seller needed extra time period over three days to complete order.




order was now cancelled by fiverr support team

and balance returned to my account

but such frauds sellers account (paypal email id) should be banned.

thanks to fiverr team and kjblynx for pointing me towards resolution centre link in the new fiverr.


Your problem solved