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Cheated by Seller

I purchased some so-called “white hat” backlinks from a seller who claimed to be Google Safe
I paid and left feedback at the time but it can take several months to see the effect of backlinks.
I now find that many of the backlinks have misspelt keywords and are from bad domains. My web site has suffered and now I need to disavow most of the backlinks. I won’t be using Fivver for this type of work in future

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience, please report about that seller in the customer support center so that he don’t ruin someone else time.

Fiverr is a great place where you can experts from different field on a suitable rates, just to make sure that the seller can do what he is offering before your order. Maybe ask some questions and previous work would solve the issue.

Best wishes.

Unfortunately that responsibility not on fiverr for sure and not only on your seller but also on YOU.
Google got pretty strictly with back links in a last 2 years and punishing websites that are using them.
Your seller was only providing a service you were looking for. To decide to go for backlinks was already a bad decision from your side.
It’s your business and your responsibility so it’s better to learn the topic before jumping on it as your business depend on it and on your decisions.


I had a look at the sellers you left reviews on. Not one of them would inspire confidence in the quality of links they would offer. If spending $5-20 on backlinks was really in any way effective then Google would be a pretty rubbish search engine and pretty low quality algorithm. This is a company that has mapped the world and has self driving cars, the biggest Ad network in the world and various other huge advances in technology. Why would you expect their main business to be messed with by Fiverr sellers who have no greater technology/methodology than a link builder bot… Come on, use some common sense when looking at link sellers and you will avoid this type of thing in the future.


Wait you mean google is aware of people doing this??? :astonished:


Using backlinks as a service is the lazy way to promote your site. You have to do everything yourself I think.