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Cheated on fiverr - first time buyer

Hello ,
I am a first time buyer from the Fiverr service. I actually have my small stratup womens apparel company. To take my selling online I wanted an ecommerce website on shopify to be developed. Iam totally new to Fiverr , and website developing .My friend whom i trusted ,suggested me about Fiverr service. I purchased service of 27500 inr from the seller ******** and ******* order no. - ****** and ****** in march 2020. I was completely new to website developement, i was uneducated about technical terms like pluggins, on page seo content writing, etc, it was being very difficult for me to understand what seller is saying. the seller then told me to get in contact through an easy medium of conversation like whatsapp and so i agreed with him. After agreeing to all of the website developement vision i paid the seller through FIVERR. Initial period the seller was very responsive and my project started, as in march only the covid19 situation happened he told me that he cant do my project in the given time, and extension of time will lead to his low rating, he actually pleaded me to mark as complete project. i did that. and then after few days he started to delaying my project. Then i reported to FIVERR. I gave them full information even my website preview link. FIVERR customer support replied that they have contacted the seller many times , but they didnt get any response. Fiverr customer support team said they cant do anything about this as i have communicated with seller and marked as complete project. I told them that I MADE PAYMENT THROUGH FIVERR! AND ONLY COMMUNICATED OUTSIDE BECAUSE IAM NEW IN WEBSITE DEVELOPEMENT PROJECT. EVEN FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM CHECKED MY PROJECT AND SAID YES NOTHING HAS DONE FROM SELLER. I ASKED THEM TO PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY , BUT THEY SAID NOTHING CAN BE DONE FROM THEM NOW. I ASKED THEM ,DO THEY HAVE ANYTHING FOR BUYER PROTECTION ??, BECAUSE THE SELLER IS FROM YOUR WEBSITE?? AND PAYMENT IS DONE THROUGH YOUR PORTAL. I HAVE BLUNTLY BEEN CHEATED ON MY VERY FIRST PURCHASE!!!
Here is my shopify website preview
link - ************
Please help me out through this.
Priyanka Shukla,
Owner of Omgee Fashion.

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Hi, unfortunately, this is not Fiverr fault. If we go by their rules we wouldn’t have problems.

Firstly, don’t ever communicate outside Fiverr. If things go wrong, like in your case, Fiverr cannot prove anything.
Secondly, never close an order at the sellers request if the work is not done! If they haven’t completed the order it can be extended but not canceled.
Never pay anything until you are 100% satisfied.

Fiverr is a wonder platform and if you work correctly you will find that just about all sellers do an excellent job and are honest!

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Yes, because you communicated outside Fiverr they cannot protect you.

However, printscreen the chat with the buyer where he told you to go to Whatsapp and whatever proof you have that he has 2 accounts and send it immediately to CS.

There has to be consequences if they are scamming people.


I doubt there will be consequences, as the conversation didn’t happen through fiverr, they have no way to prove the chat is actually real. The buyer should’ve read the TOS where it specifies clearly that conversation outside of Fiverr is forbidden.

Yes, but if OP has proof, on the Fiverr chat, that the seller told them to talk on Whatsapp, that’s an obvious violation. If this is true, this seller needs to be banned ASAP…

Ah, yes, that makes sense. They could get a warning for talking outside of fiverr, but probably not for scamming

They could get banned for talking outside of Fiverr, and I doubt it would matter whether they were banned because of one thing or two.

I am a real BUYER by profession outside of FIVERR in the offline world and I can tell you which main mistake of the complaining buyer was made from my point of view:
If you mark a job as completed, it is completed and you must pay. You may have the rights for reviews (as you call it on Fiverr) respectivly, in Germany, offline: You can request from the supplier to do some work on warrenty issues if you detect some workmistakes after marking “job completed”. But in this online world, it is not a good idea to hope that a “punch list” of missing little things in the work will be executed. So, only mark JOB COMPLETED if it really was done to your satisfaction. And surely never mark a job as completed, if the seller has not even begun to deliver anything relevant what’s worth the money.