Cheating Buyer her Name was removed by moderator


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I’m afraid I don’t really understand your problem, but it sounds like you need to contact CS as none of us can help you.


It’s a violation of TOS to send money outside of Fiverr. If you did, there is nothing they can do and the fault is your own.


I did not know I know this my fault but I would to the student to attention from them


Naming and shaming isn’t allowed on the forum, so you broke both the Fiverr rules and the forum rules.

You can report that person to Customer Support, but Fiverr isn’t responsible for anything that happens outside of Fiverr.

For future reference:

Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

Forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


Geez did you even read the Fiverr ToS? Talk about bending the rules.


This is not nice that this happened to you. But from what I can understand you sent money to seller outside of fiverr platform, communicated with them outside of fiverr platform and called the name of the designer here of the forum. That is triple violation of Terms and Conditions which you actually signed when joining fiver.

There is absolutely nothing fiverr can do about this because all communication and payments outside of platform is not their responsibility.
And by the way, don’t tell us that you weren’t aware because if you did the first contact on this platform fiverr would’ve send you a warning while you or seller were writing a message to contact each other outside of this platform. Coma.